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Great coffee starts with
freshly roasted beans!

Coffee is at its very best within a week of roasting—after that, its
aroma and acidity become muted. Within a month, no matter the
quality of the beans, the floral, fruity, and other delicate notes are
reduced permanently.  Demand freshness!  Over 90% of the coffee
sold in this country is stale. Don’t be afraid to ask when the coffee
was roasted.

Buy whole beans and put them in an airtight container. Store at room
temperature and use within a week or two.  If you really need to try to
extend the life of the coffee up to two months, seal the beans tightly in
a small canning jar and freeze.

whole beans right before brewing greatly improves the finished cup.
Once ground, coffee can become stale within hours. The right grind
size depends on how you are going to brew. The longer the contact
time between grounds and water, the coarser the grind can be, and
vice versa. Thus, an espresso shot (which brews in 15-20 seconds)
requires a very find grind, while a French press (which steeps for
around 4 minutes) works best with a coarse grind.
For a cone filter,
auto drip, a
bout 25 seconds in a blade grinder usually works well.

Water is 98% of the cup. The taste of coffee is directly related to the
quality of the water used to brew it. If tap water contains “off-tastes” or
odors, a carbon taste-and-odor filter (i.e., Brita) should do the trick.
Some hardness is desired—so avoid using distilled or softened
water. The ideal temperature is very hot: 195-205°F—just off boiling—
any cooler, and it won’t extract wanted flavors and aromas from the

To consistently brew great coffee, the key is the grounds-to-water
formula: two heaping tablespoons of coffee per six ounces of brewing
water—four tablespoons for most coffee mugs. For a 64 ounce (half-
gallon) carafe, use 3.5-4.0 ounces.
the manual drip
brewing method

This is the original version of what electric home
brewers have long sought to imitate. Start water
boiling. Set a filter cone(with paper filter in it) on
top of mug. Grind coffee for 20-25 seconds. Put
two tablespoons ground coffee in filter for every
six ounces of water. Once water boils, remove it
from heat, pause only a moment, and then fill
the filter with water each time the level drops,
until you have filled mug. The entire brew time
should be between three and five minutes.

Make it fresh, and drink it fresh: kept on a burner
or a hot plate, coffee flavor keeps for only about
twenty minutes.